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      In order to unlock other machines in Air Ride mode, you must complete certain objectives:.., Kirby’s Air Ride Unlock Characters and Modes in Top Ride mode.
      Kirby: Air Ride Hints Wagon Star: reach the goal line 3 or more times in air ride mode (don’t use the free run) . Unlock Extra Characters in City Trial Mode.
      5 Jun 2018 Unlock Extra Characters in Air Ride Mode. Meta-Knight — Fly for thirty minutes. King Dedede — Beat 1000 enemies. Brown Kirby — Use the wing star to beat Zeroyon Attack 2 under 30 seconds. Green Kirby — Eat three swordknights and then beat a race. Purple Kirby — Beat a two-lap race in Airoon under 2 minutes 30 seconds.
      Get all the inside info, cheats, hacks, codes, walkthroughs for Kirby Air Ride on GameSpot. Unlock New Characters and a New Stage
      Air Ride is a mode in Kirby Air Ride. These are the vehicles Kirby rides to race. The player may also unlock two additional characters who have their own
      9 Sep 2012
      11 Sep 2010 Kirby Colors: Brown: Unlock Sandola (Hydra) and Dragina )Dragoon in ONE BATTLE! Purple: Face King DeDeDe for ONE HOUR! Brunette:
      Kirby Air Ride or ?????????? (Kabi no Ea Raido, or Kirby’s Airride in and Kirby’s Copy Abilities could look forward to unlocking special characters.”.
      The Checklist is a list of objectives appearing in Kirby Air Ride and Kirby Mass Red boxes unlock a certain feature, vehicle, music, etc., besides revealing the
      Scroll down to read our guide named «Kirby Air Ride: Useful checklist advice and more! Pretty soon you will have unlocked machines like the Wagon Star and . M PRIZE: FORMULA STAR 2: Machine passage: Shoot 3 characters out of the
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